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…My personal blog, where I share thoughts, reflections, and stories as they are recorded in my moleskin notebook, which is rarely further away from me than an arm’s length.

Writings were born from my love for the artform and without a particular purpose in mind, except I wish, as a wannabe published author, to hone the craft of writing, find my writers voice and connect with like-minded souls.

Latest Writings: The magic plate

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About Dane Broderick

Dane’s childhood dream was to be a stuntman, but faith sat him on a different path. One of early fatherhood and a profession within information technology.

Dane is from Jamaica, now living in Spain after 31 years in Sweden. He has three wonderful sons, loves homemade food, being outdoors, the TV show Farscape, and he finds most things interesting.

If Alladin materialized before me granting a wish, it would be a wish for everyone’s wishes and dreams to come true. ~ Dane Broderick

Dane absolutely loves writing and dreams of being able to fix the broken, extinguish suffering and replace hurt with desires of the heart through his writings, making the world a better place one reader at a time.

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What am I doing now?

See my “now” page, which changes frequently.


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