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Welcome Journeyer!

What you have entered is not just any blog. It’s a vessel of infinite possibilities where realities are created, explored and toyed with at your whim.

Fueled by imagination and curiosity we embark on a journey beyond thought itself, towards an undefined destination as unique as you are, yet the same as everyone else onboard.

So let’s index and integrate, evolve and find our true selves on the way.
Only then will we be closer to our respective, yet uniquely same, destinations.

Reflection for growth. Balance for prosperity. Experience for Wisdom.

There is so much more to life than we normally care to even attempt to experience.

Before what might be the grandest of journeys is consciously undertaken, one’s self must realize a level of intuitive awareness, your guide if you will, that helps to uncover your subtle truths, that will ultimately lead to the truth with a capital T.

Truths that are only revealed through one’s own personal experiences.

No one can accompany you. It is a path you must walk alone, but it’s not lonely.

The universe and its parents are your teachers and students alike. They give unconditionally what is needed when it is needed.

About Dane Broderick
Height: 194cm
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
From: Jamaica -> Sweden -> Spain
Likes: Homemade food, summer evenings, stories, writing
Lastest: What I´m doing now

Dane´s childhood dream was to be a stuntman, but faith had him on a different path, one of early parenthood and a profession within IT.

He is from Jamaica, but now living in Spain after 30 plus years in Sweden and a couple in Los Angeles California.

He is the father of three sons, partner with his soulmate and the owner of an agency that helps companies improve efficiency and growth through advisory, technology, administrative and digital marketing services.

Dane loves homemade food, being outdoors, a Farscape fan, and he finds most things interesting.

This blog is Dane´s personal space online where he shares thoughts, reflections, and experiences as they are recorded in his notebook which is rarely further away from him his side than an arm’s length.

Dane writes:
because of love for the art of writing.
because it calms and centers his soul.
for his three sons who are his main audience.
to know himself.
because he loves sharing.
to connect with like-minded souls.
because he is an introvert.

Dane absolutely loves to write and dreams of being able to fix the broken, extinguish suffering and replace hurt with desires of the heart through his writings. Making the world a better place one reader at a time, starting with himself.

“If a magic genie had materialized before me when I was a youth offering to grant me a single wish, I would have wished for immortality.

My reasoning was based on my curious nature and not so much to be a part of everyday life forever but to observe what would become of man.

How long would it take our species to respect all life to the point of achieving lasting peace?

What would we have to pay for that peace and is such a thing even possible, to begin with?

What would we learn, how would our language change and would we be truly proud of our past and heritage, or would it even matter all?

Later that wish changed to me wanting full control over my mental capabilities. I wanted to be able to use a hundred percent of my brain.

That way I could solve tons of issues, including finding a way to become immortal.

Sometime many years later I got asked the question again.

  • If you had one wish, what would it be?

Granted a wish, it would be a wish for everyone’s wishes and dreams to come true.”

What is your one wish, and how has that one wish changed with the passing of time and your personal growth?

Continuing on my path after a needed period at one of life’s “rest stops”, indexing experiences gained and maturing awareness, I now continue my journey.

Passing on knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement onto my sons as they are realized.

Hoping the seeds of inspiring prompts and insights bloom enough to illuminate just a tiny step, having them embarking consciously on their own grand journeys.

About the website
Much like my life in recent years, this website has undergone many changes from both aesthetics and content. The content has not only shifted in purpose, feel and direction, but a lot has also been removed completely.

The aim is a conscious focus on the written content by keeping sticking to simplicity and ease of use and. All else matters none.

This website runs on WordPress and the Classic skin for the Thesis theme.