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I am Standing in your favorite spot at the bar table looking at what you might be seeing if you were here.

I see myself simultaneously watching you from behind, wondering what is going through your mind if nothing but a brain yarn.

Was it something I said, or maybe didn’t say but should have?
Are you looking at the top of trees in ways new to you?

Whichever it may be, I can tell its soothing, a needed reset of sorts before reentering your current now.

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It is a beautiful day even though it’s wet and gray. No one can say what it will give, so I will decide by the way I live.


Spread your wings. Fly. Live. Be selfish and know you are loved anyway.

Be true to what matters most. We all have our journeys we must take, paths to choose.

At times we must walk alone, sometimes with others.

Time is the one thing we cannot renew, and regret is one of the most eroding emotion there is.

Fly. Live. Be selfish.


Note. Wrote this some time ago and have since stopped obsessing about immortality. I still do however intend to get the most out of time but instead with the focus on being a better and improved me with every present moment.

Fly to the end of time and show yourself.

That what which came into existence at one point will also cease to exist at another.

Not even our universe can escape the birth-death cycle.

Could man one day himself, and in doing so saving the universe from the inevitable?

The hunt for eternal life has been around since we became thinking beings.

Back then we sought relics, and mystical brews that the users believed would grant him immortality.

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Sometimes your actions are out of your control, in a wonderfully amazing way.

You do things, take chances, risks you normally don’t see yourself taking. You don’t know why. The reason is however not important.

It is as if a set of conditions have been met. You are in a state of flow. Pure intentions, feelings, a state of excitement taking the risk.

Yet it doesn’t feel like one. It’s more like its the right thing to do, the only thing you were meant to do at that very moment.

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The answers we seek about ourselves are already known to us but stored away just of reach.

They have always been there, somehow we know they are. We just can’t seem to get to them.

Instead, we look externally for confirmation of sorts, that we or on target. The answers are inaccessible simply because we are not ready, not mature or experienced enough to realize it.

Once your question, asked or unasked, is answered, you will no doubt realize you have been tiptoeing around it for a while.

In fact, everything you have asked yourself, something you believe is of great value to you personally, the answer has immediately presented itself.

But is dismissed mainly because it’s not what we expect or, again, not ready to accept.

All is still well though. The answers will be there waiting until when you need them.


One stranger to another. An honest approach. A simple question…

“Do you know any tricks?”

We were all taken by surprise.

We had only stopped briefly as we had reached our destination and now about to choose our seating when a boy about the same age as my 10-year old suddenly appeared right in front of us.

He repeated his question. This time directed at me, in English. “Does he know any tricks?”


“He speaks Spanish” I replied, looking at my son, indicating I would like to be excused as the middleman.

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It is with these two words I enter into each new dawn. It is with these two words my senses tunes in.

It is with these two words I first smile.

These two words are tantalizing to the mind.

They conjure an array of adventurous thoughts and command a state of mind primed for grand stories and of discoveries of oneself and those of newfound worlds.

My world becomes yours, your world becomes mine.

We become one as we embark on a journey of mutual growth, understanding, love, respect, and the betterment of all the parts of our whole on our paths to wisdom.

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