Now, the only reality

Yesterday is nothing but a remembrance, tomorrow but a dream. This very moment, right now, is the only thing that ever exists.

The assertion of life’s impermanence could present itself in your tomorrow robbing you of all dreams.

With the wisdom of this cosmic truth realized, making choices pure of intent, meaning and without regrets are made definite.

Even in the direst of situations when choices seem nonexistent, there is still a choice of attitude with which to face any circumstance in a way that gives meaning to any difficulty.

Looking back on each day with contentment, knowing you have done your best, knowing you have truly lived.

Domesticated Zombies

With head and eyes below the horizon, he stepped on a subway train in rush hour Stockholm like he has many mornings before.

Yet this morning was far from the usual.

For as he entered the packed subway cart and instinctively raised his head taking a slow three-sixty panoramic view, he found himself completely surrounded by zombies.

He froze stiff in his tracks. Paralyzed by the realization, but for some reason did not panic.

– What the hell is going on!? He thought loudly and quickly hushed himself as if someone, or rather something, could have heard him.

He felt alone and out of place.

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When love is not enough yet exactly whats needed

You are always in a delicate situation or mood. In fact, you’re drenched. Hints elude, sentences interrupted.

You are closed and expressively harsh, as I once was. Have you stopped caring, not realizing it’s your strength?

How can anyone mind with reason when even an ear and understanding is not enough?

Of all the roads normally open to your heart, to your person, only one is ajar but not enough for me to enter, nor for you to see why not.

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Answers Seeking Questions

For answers to be found, questions have to be born. Carefully conceived questions are simple, yet not easy. One can tell from the resulted answers revealed.

For the past three days, I’ve been trying to pose a question in a way that would produce a clear answer to the truth I seek.

Having yet to receive one, much less a clear one, proved to be a tough task.

For the answer I seek, something I’ll know once answered, other “smaller” questions first needs to be answered. Questions such as:

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Coulda, woulda, shoulda

Ideas and thoughts never fueled. Intent never sowed.
Buds of would-be blossoming beauty. Sources of regret.

Energies disbursed, wasted.

Time, ally to all, friend to none.

The stories of sand

What might the story of one a grain of sand imprint upon us?

I asked this myself this question in previous writings and couldn’t stop myself from going deeper into thoughts that everything has a purpose, no matter how minuscule.

From the beginning of time, according to agreed-upon creation theories, our planet was created from celestial gas that was then fused, forming a hot molten globe.

That suggests there was no sand at that time, but instead came into existence as raw evidence of the pressures of time itself and forces Mother Nature eventually, enforced upon herself.

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Take a moment to truly see the beauty in all things

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. ~ Thoreau


It’s not a day most would consider beautiful. The sun is unable to display its brilliance, and the sea seems to be busy at work dragging more and more sand from the beach with its increasing reach.

Beauty can be described in many different ways.

One for each time you blink, for every time your eyes shifts, when sound waves alter when your point of focus is invited.

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Is there a Universal purpose?

The purpose of existence is you. The purpose of existence is a balance between what you give and of that you take.

The purpose of existence is meaningful relationships without attachment.

Bonds formed from sincerity, an open heart, and mind, free from judgment and without expectations of gain.

The differences make up the whole.

Without darkness, there is no light.

Without wrong, no right.

Without emptiness, no fulfillment.

Without questions, no answers.

Without chaos, no balance.

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As a cycle ends. As a cycle begins.

I awake to consciousness. I awake to an existence from which I desire to evolve, to step into my potential.

As present realities slip into yesterday’s, leaving not only remembrances of wants unmet, maturity through experience, lessons learned and insights into one’s own heart and mind gained.

Once closed, now open to love.

Curious about life I leap, not alone, towards something greater, towards the coming present realities of tomorrow, which I myself create.

Aware of time’s selfish nature, each moment cherished, each choice deliberate, each step light yet firmly grounded.

All things end. All things begin.

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