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An intimate relationship with writing

Today is not like any other before it.‬ It is entirely new, and it is currently being written. ‬‪

The single most important thing anyone can do is to deliberately grab a functioning pen and write with intention and purpose. ‬‪

The pen is mightier than the sword indeed, but the sword is more powerful than you…

if you let it.

My love for writing is love onto myself. It calms my mind, soothes my soul and finds me when I’m lost.

The ideas in my mind take root and blossoms through words but are not satisfied until they are resting on paper to be experienced.

Sometimes I honestly cannot help but write, even when I have nothing to write about. I just can’t stop myself.

The feel of pen to paper, the matching speed of writing to that of one’s train of thoughts. From the feeling in your hand to the trails remaining on the page.

The testing of a pen to paper is an important one. It tells a lot about both the holder and the paper.

Is the tempo suitable?
Is there a weak link in this three-part relationship?
How long before the ink dries?

I keep coming back to the pen, realizing I have not found my perfect pen.

There is no single pen perfect for all paper. No pen is always a perfect match for the hand that wields it.

For my current notebook, thicker inc might be suitable. I could write a bit more horizontally larger letters, leaving me with fewer words per page, but more aesthetically pleasing.

My current mood, however, may allow way too little in terms of consistency, realizing a change of speed after the fact. Another area in which patience demonstrates its need.

Writing tinier is way too unforgiving and reveals your current state of mind. A dwindling focus and frequently a pain to read my own handwriting. A signal to pause, breathe and to recenter balance.

It calms my mind, finds me when I’m lost, and it soothes my souls.
My relationship with writing is a profound one and is the single most important commitment I could possibly have for myself.

Will my notepad burst into flames, my pen melt?

Its the first time pen and notepad accompanies me to the sauna.

Will it be different from my voice recorder, which I also fear will succumb to the 120-degree Celsius dry heat?

The lighting is bad, it’s late, and it’s my second time today. Partially its guilt that brought me back to the gym and spa. A 220-gram bag of m&m’s to be exact, and I’m hoping to sweat some of it away.

Pages curl, and stiffen, at the same time. The ink tracings from my writing breaks and ever so often prompting me to give the pen a good shake.

I continue writing…

Searching for one’s voice requires due diligence, but it is not a chore, its love for the arts and what it does for me.

In this pursuit, what is written is not as important as doing. Writing is where I currently place the most value. In a way it’s selfish, I know that, but this is my space, my world.

It is part of my universe, part of my soul, and I am searching for my voice in the written words so I one day can snare the imagination of the open-minded, guide the willing and grow from love and energy shared.

What prompts me to write?
Any and everything.
That which lays beyond the obvious.
That which is tantalizing and poses many questions.
Whatever makes me feel there is more to see.

Everything has a story to tell, and I am going to narrate them all…
From the minuscule to the infinite, all things has something to teach.

One only has to see, engage all senses, be open and mindful.

One of the tiniest things we can see with the naked eye, a grain of sand, is just about as plentiful here on earth as there are stars in our universe. Or so it’s been calculated.

It makes you wonder about sand, doesn’t it? Come on, admit it. I know I do.

What might the story of one a grain of sand imprint upon us?

To the infinite and what makes it so.

To think and write is my reason for existing, I know that now. It is who I am. What I have always been and will forever remain.

How about a dedicated journal for personal development?

Letting life freely happen to oneself without conscious and deliberate control over one’s personal development should be outlawed.

With free will and the boundless potential to do, overcome, create and be anything our imagination can muster, we can accomplish anything.

We know this intuitively, but conditioned reasoning gives us plausible excuses as well as the tunnel vision we conveniently call everyday life.

Let’s start off by gifting ourselves one less excuse with the realization that there is, in fact, a tunnel and that there is a lot more happiness we can get out of life.

This first step is to get a dedicated journal, digital or otherwise, and give it the importance of the future desired you.

Your first entry should be a promise to loved ones, the current and future you and cover all aspects of your being, internally l and externally. The personal, professional and spiritual you.

The goal is to take small steps every day within each area. However, we also need to start off small with the “easy” steps first and only within one area.

The reason being that we want to succeed right from the beginning, not to be discouraged. You will know when to add more.

So, what’s your first step gonna be?

I’m also wondering if personal blogging is still a thing?

Is confidently blogging solely out of love and passion for oneself a thing of the past, or was that never the case, to begin with at all?

You know, people who are actually genuine, emotive, interesting, or not. Persons who aren’t pushing to sell stuff or blogging for likes and comments.

But instead emote on their interest, growth, and thoughts. Beings with an authentic sense of self and a drive to connect with like-minded souls, or maybe just as a means for deeper connection with one’s self.

Ones own sweet little piece of cyberspace that is only yours, where the only niche is you, your person and your will.

It’s no easy task to find confident personalities who stay unfazed and unconcerned by how one’s thoughts may be perceived online, or quick to irritation in the face of disagreements and dislikes.

With the above criteria in mind, searching online for phrases like “personal blogs, personal bloggers etcetera, doesn’t yield any satisfying results. It could be that I just suck at searching, personal bloggers don’t optimize for searches, or are simply just satisfied with journaling and don’t feel a need to go beyond.

No matter the reason, I am now asking… Where are all the honest to god genuine peeps who blogs?

Well, this was some of my thoughts on writing and my passionate relationship with writing that fuels and cures me of all imbalance and captain me ever closer to the true me.

I simply love writing.

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