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When you are not here

I am Standing in your favorite spot at the bar table looking at what you might be seeing if you were here.

I see myself simultaneously watching you from behind, wondering what is going through your mind if nothing but a brain yarn.

Was it something I said, or maybe didn’t say, but should have?
Are you looking at the tops of trees in ways new to you?

Whichever it may be, I can tell its soothing, a needed reset of sorts before reentering your current now.

I myself, lost in thoughts and frozen in time do not ask, but write my own stories about where you might be, where you were the second before and what feelings might be front and center.

Without further thoughts or a clear purpose, and almost like I have been summoned, I slowly approach from behind… Embracing you, feeling your warmth as I gently kiss your neck, then your right cheek, before you slowly turn around with so much love in your eyes and kisses me.

Is raining this morning. I love the rain. It is so soothing and cuddles-inducing. It is also one of the times I miss you the most.