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When love is not enough yet exactly what’s needed

You are always in a delicate situation or mood. In fact, you’re drenched. Hints elude, sentences interrupted.

You are closed and expressively harsh, as I once was. Have you stopped caring, not realizing it’s your strength?

How can anyone mind with reason when even an ear and understanding is not enough?

Of all the roads normally open to your heart, to your person, only one is ajar but not enough for me to enter, nor for you to see why not.

I want to be there to hold you, to love you. Not to translate your current needs as in you needing space for… you.

I cannot get past the something-is-off feeling and therefore shutdown and retreat thinking a reset, in our mutual corner is the solution, knowing in my heart it never is, yet still willing to that the risk not accepting my part in the relationship.

Which is 100%. Anything else is putting the fault onto you, as a thing, you alone can, and should fix.

That is of course not the way!

I know that now.

And the way through any future situations like this one is by using a code word. A word just for us which means shut up and hold me, give me affection, love me.