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The world is not beautiful

The world we live in is all kinds of messed up. Yet there is the talk of it being safer today than at any other point in history.

A statement, and or fact, that gives some sense of progress towards peace and unity.

And if we still hadn’t any means of rapid communication that we do today, the internet, then maybe we could continue to live in ignorance.

But obviously, at least for some, that’s far from enough. The world has always been driven by those thirsty for power and recognition, the very thing that corrupts and dulls empathy for the fellow man.

One’s sense of family and unity applies only to immediate close ones, as long as they acknowledge and respect the reigning hierarchy. [From a family constalation to India’s caste system for example]

Is it so bad to have exactly the same amount of wealth and prosperity as each inhabitant of our only planet, our only home?

Imagine what we could accomplish if our focus was in the right place. United with common views, mutual and equal respect for all life and the deliberate investment in the human potential for greatness, for good.

Living in harmony with the planet and all there is. I for one believe this will happen, not before great loss and sacrifice, nor before acceptance of the fact that no one person is of more importance than another.

We have heard it many times before “with great power comes great responsibility”

The sense of responsibility should always outweigh that of power.

One way could be to have the elected heads of authorities, in any state or country, indifferent of size, to themselves live in the most unattractive areas or towns which they rule over.

If I could pass one global law, it would be something like this one.

The highest heads of authorities in any state or country should themselves live in the most unattractive areas or towns.

If I could pass one law, this would be it.