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The Walk

With empty eyes aimed unintentionally at the pavement. Fatigue and with slow, heavy steps under a hot sun, he couldn’t help but notice a subtle pain just below his right kneecap.

Its as if something is unhinged.

He stops, grabbed his ankle and stretches a few moments. It gave a sense of relief, it felt good.

With his mind blank, he continued towards his destination. Knee still signaling from the impact of each step on the hard concrete.

Something is not right he thought. His knee hurts but just a tiny bit. Not enough to warrant any kind of distress though.

Is it old age creeping up on me? Or did I hit it at some point? He wondered.

The sound of music is slowly approaching. A soft melody without vocals. He consciously enjoys it until it slowly faded away, as it did faded in.

It’s barely any wind and the heat is increasing is wear. Looking up ahead, he went to the other side of the street. The right side has more shade.

Not finding what he sat out to buy, his fruitless walk is about to the end as his building is just up ahead.

When back home, a rest is what I need. A siesta.

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