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The past seven days of tweets

Hi guys,

I write daily about all aspects of my being, elevating thoughts and emotional states at any giving moment.

My notebooks and even Twitter are getting much love as my thoughts and stories are recorded, but I have noticed that almost none of them makes here to my blog.

With that in mind am adding the past seven days tweets (March 28 – April 4) of the thoughts that have been activating my thinking and stimulating deeper thoughts and further writings.

A mindful morning, a mindful day, a life of awareness.

A reflection of our own world through the window of another.

A reflection of our own world through the window of another. A reflection of our own world through the window of another.[/caption]

Changing one’s lifestyle is changing one’s thinking.

There is such a thing as too much, but it doesn’t apply to love, compassion or personal insights.

Only when there is complete silence can you hear what is meant for your ears only.

The reasons are many. As many as any other excuse. Once realized and excepted, move forward with a smile.

Everything came into existence from #chaos, and in chaos, we remain. Chaos is our fuel, but it should never be our master.

Remove the winds from the sails of those lacking compassion, replace them with breaths of unconditional love and encouragement.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. #quote
Ralph Waldo Emerson

And a weed is a plant whose growth can’t easily be contained

Happiness is an inside job. So let’s get to it.

Be the calm in a storm.

Let’s make an effort today.

Today is the first day of a new month. Their names we know and love, yet we have never met them before.

This is our one and only chance to impress upon them a memory of our choosing, a record of who we were and who we aim to become.

People often grow through unexpected trails.

A beautiful world inhabited by such ugliness. What has to be done is obvious…

Every machine has a glitch.

I’m starting to believe there’s a hand of faith gently guiding our choices of which particular paths to take under a specific set of circumstances.

The goal might be same but the path we must take has a direct correlation so what we need to learn on the way.

The word fate conjures thoughts of the Devine, for me, it’s trusting what I’ve indexed, not needing to always know the big picture and listening to what is being told to me through intuition and other sign the universe is sending me.

The Spanish equivalent to ASAP is mañana. Don’t trust anybody who says otherwise. 🙃

Internet shows our world of visible pain

Sometimes I choose to be less mindful, and not the other way around.

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