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The mosquito

I knew it wouldn’t just go away… They never do.

Closer and closer to my ear, the pestering sound of a mosquito is probably one of the worst ways to wake. And one never gets up to do anything about it right away. Why is that?

Instead, I’m waving my entire arm irritatingly, maybe to buy some additional buzz-free time.

I know of course that eventually, I have to deal with it.

I mean the mosquito is not just gonna go. – Well, he doesn’t seem to want me flying about his ear. I better get going before that gigantic arm of his crush me.

It’s 05:48 and I’ve slept about 4 hours. Just for how long have I been involuntarily swinging my arm on and off without thinking, I don’t know.

This scenario has happened many times before.

I usually get up, turn on the lights and go hunting. But last night I exited the room, closed the door and exiled myself to the sofa where I have been sleeping the last 18 days, during which time my kids were occupying the bedroom.

So here I am, the second night of finally sleeping in my own bed, being forced to leave it again. Can’t help thinking the mosquito is with his buddies bragging about how he got a room for itself and lived to tell the tale.

That same sucker has surely made it a point to mess with me again tonight.

But the surprise is on him. Because I’m gonna hunt him done before going to bed. Yes, I just know he is still in there resting up, making plans.

I will get him. Not gonna take his life though, which is even more challenging. But who knows. Maybe I can convince him to steer clear of me during nighttime. Hm.. I better come up with a plan B.

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