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The illusion of second chances

With frustration, regrets and insecurities sowed by missed opportunities in tow, to falter at the gates of second chances are the natural burdens of ill-preparedness.

This matriarch of passed chances is the master of doubt and the seeker of conquest over ego.

Eyes wanting to once again gaze between heaven and earth in perfect balance, but cannot help being submerged in the self while being shepherding by fear in the company of diminishing hope.

A straw of courage successfully grasped shedding light on what is, what has been and of meaning sought.

Now has yet to have existed. What is contained in a second chance and what was lost during or with the first?

There is no such thing as a second first impression, nor are they such things as second chances. It’s nothing but an illusion of its own making manifested by the imbalance of what once was and what might come to pass.

Shadow and earth become light and horizon, horizon and light into stars.