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I have no memory of when it began, but I do remember why.

Sundays are the days when I’m most mindful. Even tedious chores transform into moments I look forward to.

It’s the day when I’m number one. All attention is on me, my person and wellbeing.

Once but a passenger in my own life, I realized my time was not my own.

So I slowly began taking a few minutes a here and there during the week to do all kinds stuff. Nothing huge. It could be things like…

Locking myself in the bathroom with some music while shaving, mindfully.
Put on my noise-canceling headphones, with or without music, then attend to some needed chores.

I would take my time preparing and cooking dinner and clean up afterward while insisting on being left completely alone.
Read some manga or watch anime. Again with headphones.

These small routines evolved somewhat unconsciously into everyday mindful acts, while Sundays mainly became my “me time” focusing on personal maintenance and development. Personal grooming, soft music, a science fiction adventure, movie or book.

But also things like personal budgeting and planning for the coming days, weeks, short and long-term goals. There’s still room for improvement here as I tend to enjoy myself so much that the planning part suffers. But I don’t force it.

The biggest and most important thing about Sundays though is setting the mood by making my surroundings extra cozy and distraction free.

Candles, tea, essentials oils, “live” fireplace on my iPad 😉 and music that complements my current state of mind, but do not distract.

It’s nearly impossible for me to get worked up on a Sunday.

I love Sundays

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