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The magic plate

There I was at the door of someone’s apartment with payback and feelings of being unjustly treated.

I summoned the inhabitant to the door.

A man opened and I, with my youngest son in tow, gave the man who is now standing in the doorway, an extended nonverbal and non-gestured gaze.

My search for revenge was at its climax.

Wait here! I said to my son gesturing that I must enter alone. He was more adamant than I, we both entered.

The door closed behind us and looking back I noticed the man I came to see, the person whom would relief my burden of the unfair treatment I had to endure, had separated himself from me with the help of the now closed door.

He is no longer in his own apartment.

I had no chance to act, less reflect, on what just happened, when I noticed three young boys sitting in a row on the same side of the kitchen table.

Chicken, or something that looked very much like it, had been put in the center of the table but not yet served to the younglings who were all obviously famished.

The dish which was presented with very few pieces of greens scattered around the flat cubic shaped pieces of chicken and had no other accompanying dish to go with it. Not on the table. Not on the stove. Nowhere.

No longer harboring feelings of mistreatment, and no thoughts of the person I came to see in the first place, I was now concerned with the feeding of the kids instead.

With my son now seated at the table opposite the three kids ready to eat as well, I portioned out some bread to go with the chicken.

The three boys, still not having said a word, started to eat like they haven’t had a meal in days.

I immediately realized the food was not going to be enough, so I started to scavenge the cupboards in a frantic attempt to find more to eat, something to prepare.

As my son reached to help himself from the same dish that was already on the table, I noticed Swedish meatballs were suddenly available and few pieces of chicken were the same.

Up to this point, I was the only one stressing about how to feed the kids. The three boys, fully clothed in their outerwear, were also calmly eating.

Why did I come here again?