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Your soul. My soul. No soul.

It is said that they are people who have no soul, normal people like you and me existing, unaware that a central part of their being is missing.

Could they have been born this way, without a soul, or was it lost for some reason?

Every time a tree dies, a bush shrivels, a plant picked, a soul is destroyed.

A soul is part Gaia, part cosmos and of one hundred percent wondrous energies that bind to one’s faith.

We are all flawed, we are all perfect.

Destined seeds of Gaia no longer part of the whole, without purpose. Souls of different energies and vibrations, with and without their own bodies are all around us. Some ‘better’ than others, some toxic and devastating.

What kills one, helps another thrive. Each time we think ourselves superior, a bond is severed, vibration lowered, resonance lost and we slowly accelerate towards our demise.