A selfish blogger: My blogging backstory

I have been blogging on and off without any goals or care for an audience since 2009.

I was early signing up for twitter and Facebook but was never an avid user.

I have since erased and replaced said social media accounts and deleted complete blogs, numerous times, to begin anew as interest or enthusiasm presented itself.

Consistency or coherence in topics was never a thing, and I even began thinking of myself as a selfish blogger.

The truth, however, is that I simply love writing and did not care what I wrote or if anyone ever was gonna read what I have written.

I later realized that I was changing, evolving, to a degree where I no longer could relate to what I have written.

I did not even think about archiving those posts, they simply felt totally irrelevant, and had to go.

In all honesty, there were times when did not update for weeks, or months, and felt that was reason enough to take the whole site down.

I have gotten to know myself a whole lot more since, and have released a lot of pressure I was unaware of having.

I still have a long road of personal blogging discoveries ahead like
what goal or purpose my blog have for existing, besides me loving to write
how and what to write about (I’m a former perfectionist)

I am, however, confident that I won’t be deleting this blog again anytime soon and that I will have a satisfactory structure in place.

This blog is now on its fifth iteration since 2016 and is considered to by completely new.

Now learning to flow in harmony with life’s current while discovering truths of the self, I openly share my writings in hopes for them to be useful for others.