Passion for photography reawakened

A passion that once fiercely captured all my spare time, and often my sleep, has spontaneously reawakened.

And I love it.

My camera, a Sony S LT-55V, has been a close friend in a time when creativity was in desperate need of expression.

I went all-in with the photography experience. I was fascinated by the thought of transferring a concept from the mind into a tangible image that could move people’s hearts as some images and paintings did mine.

Besides the accompanying 18-55mm lens that came with the purchase, I went and bought a 300mm lens, a 70mm macro, a stand, and a camera bag to carry it all.

Sony SLT-55V and MacBook on desktopOne of the first pictures taken after a few years hiatus was the roasted tomatoes I had prepared for my soup.

I then took a professional photography course online, and the next thing I knew, I was so immersed that the other areas of my life became a chore.

I devised a strategy to get me back behind the viewfinder after several years, which was to leave it out in plain sight on its stand in the living room.

Two years later, I finally picked it up with a burning desire and almost with the same intensity as when I first bought it.

My woman knows how I get when to get “stuck-in” on something. It’s like nothing else exists. I go so hard at it until I eventually get tired of it or a certain level har been achieved.

She made me promise that was not going to happen this time 🙂

I guess what I am trying to say is that pictures will pop up here and there in my future posts.

I am glad to have regained a channel for creative expression, and I hope it lasts long enough for it to become a part of me.

I mean to be able to capture moments of wonder in unique and creative ways, transferring thoughts, emotions, dreams, and pieces of your own soul into passionately intriguing stories.

After all, a picture is worth more than a thousand stories.

Man, I am excited!