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How about a dedicated journal for personal development?

Letting life freely happen to oneself without conscious and deliberate control over one’s personal development should be outlawed.

With free will and the boundless potential to do, overcome, create and be anything our imagination can muster, we can accomplish anything.

We know this intuitively, but conditioned reasoning gives us plausible excuses as well as the tunnel vision we conveniently call everyday life.

Let’s start off by gifting ourselves one less excuse with the realization that there is, in fact, a tunnel and that there is a lot more happiness we can get out of life.

This first step is to get a dedicated journal, digital or otherwise, and give it the importance of the future desired you.

Your first entry should be a promise to loved ones, the current and future you and cover all aspects of your being, internally l and externally. The personal, professional and spiritual you.

The goal is to take small steps, daily, within each area. However, we also start off small with the “easy” steps first and only in a single area.

The reason being that we want to succeed right from the beginning, not to be discouraged. You will know when to add more.

So, what’s your first step gonna be?