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A perfect day is one free from the constraints of time or perceived as such

A perfect day is one filled with a sense of gratitude so profound you begin to understand the workings of your universe.

A perfect day is a day spent doing all the things you love.

A perfect day is one where you can’t help but smile even when you have no idea why.

How would you spend your day if time nor money was an issue?

The above question was posed to me early on in a management course I took ages ago.

The purpose of this perfect day exercise is intended to trigger a free flow of thoughts and ideas that aid the answerer in finding his or her life’s mission or passion.

The most important aspect I got from the exercise, which was really fun to do, was that I learned what motivated me and how to used that motivation to get more out of life.

Motivation, the twin of interest, is one of the most potent forces known to the ambitious.

With it, the abstract insights gained from the exercise can, and should, be practically applied in everyday life.

And as life is fueled by change, the perfect day exercise should be done frequently and as if it hasn’t been done before.

So, what does your perfect day look?