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Change is omnipresent, and just as with time, it’s impartial to your will and circumstance.

Even that which is normally perceived as static cannot escape the hands of change.

This blog post for example. Read it again tomorrow, next week or later and your understanding, your view of it, it’s author or your opinion of a past experience may be seen differently altogether… Changed.

The content itself haven’t changed at all, but you have, and so by extension the contents of the blog post and whatever you may you gained from it.

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Welcome to your time units final stop. Leave the usual on board as you step off the transport of illusions and exit your subconscious and conscious self.

Step into the awareness of what you realize, learn and discovery here at state unusual depends entirely on what you are ready for and on your frame of thoughts.

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I have since realized that it’s not about having or not having enough time.

I’ve also learned that I just needed to slow down and go at my own pace, and in so doing I’ve actually gain extra time.

This had me believing that everyone has their own pace that’s in perfect sync with time.

A way to get the most out of every moment, event and every second. And in doing so finds themselves in harmony and in good health.

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Life is of little to no consequence when viewed from any other perspective than specifically from within oneself and with awareness.

As I sit in an environment unsuitable for any kinds of creative endeavor, or profound thoughts, I find myself wondering about life, my relationship with it and what it specifically means to me.

Life is interesting to me because its driven be change. Changes I, and I alone, realize. No change happens in one’s life without the first conscious realization of it, no matter from where or how it originated.

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