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Yesterday is nothing but a remembrance, tomorrow but a dream. This very moment, right now, is the only thing that ever exists.

The assertion of life’s impermanence could present itself in your tomorrow robbing you of all dreams. With the wisdom of this cosmic truth realized, making choices pure of intent, meaning and without regrets are made definite.

Even in the direst of situations when choices seem nonexistent, there is still a choice of attitude with which to face any circumstance in a way that gives meaning to any difficulty. Looking back on each day with contentment, knowing you have done your best, knowing you have truly lived.

It is with these two words I enter into each new dawn. It is with these two words my senses tunes in. It is with these two words I first smile.

These two words are tantalizing to the mind. They conjure an array of adventurous thoughts and command a state of mind primed for grand stories of discoveries of oneself and those of new found worlds.

My world becomes yours, your world becomes mine. We become one as we embark on a journey of mutual growth, understanding, love, respect, and the betterment of all the parts of our whole on our paths to wisdom.

Words alone cannot convey the gratefulness of the blessings enabling us to enable each other. Please be my guide, my teacher, my friend, as I am yours.

My world. Your world. Our universe.

I’m so fortunate to live as I do.

The proximity to the beach is only one of many luxuries I’m privileged to mindfully enjoy.

I don’t take them for granted… Never will.

Most of the time I’m alone strolling barefoot, having a snack, dinner with some music or most frequently, slowly walking the paseo late evenings clearing my head, nourishing my soul.

Today, however, I get to share a few moments with my wonderful boys at the beach.

Moments I will cherish long after the event itself have passed and forgotten by them.

Moments that’s are sometimes bittersweet, as I’m reminded that my oldest son and I have too few.

I love the smell of coffee, especially in the morning. It evokes pleasant childhood memories that put a gentle smile on my face.

An integral part of my morning routine growing up was to prepare coffee for the adults. A process involving picking the raw beans from the line of coffee trees separating our house from the adjacent neighbor´s, roasting the beans over a wood fire just out back of the house, and after I’ve had my fill of eating my way thru to a bunch of beans, to finally grinding them up.

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It’s a beautiful day even though it’s wet and gray. No one can say what it will give, so I will decide by the way I live.