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What I’m doing now

I’m home in Marbella, Spain, and these are the things I’m doing now:


Swapping city center swag and ear drop distance to beautiful beaches and sea for rooting in nature’s green earthy embrace. Will be tipping my hat saying so long to Marbella, the last of February, to instead greet Benhavis’ parque botánico each day upon waking.


Friedrich Nietzsche: Thus spoke Zarathustra. A book for all and none

Book project

Two stories contend to be my first novella. One about humans inheriting the right to govern the known universe.

The other, last and only remaining genius soldier who’s existence is the stuff of legends.

Both have been developed to about the same maturity, but I’m not sure which to start with?


Spending two hours, sometimes more, daily at the gym and sauna getting fit after some months idling because of injuries. I’m in constant need of reminding myself to go easy.

Vision board

Had the intention since many years past, but it remained just that. Now a preverbal kick in the but have me creating one. I have the board, my current goals are few but clear and supporting images and text are being added.


  • Spanish… Still. Really need to speak more
  • Learning the ways of the ancient Ayurveda health practices

Last update: 21, Feb. 2018. (Page inspired by Derek Sivers.)