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I’m home in Benahavis, Spain, focusing on love, family, personal growth and these things:

Getting back into shape:
Due to injuries fueled from a place of ego and memories from a physically stronger past, I adopted a way too intense training program in a zero to a hundred fashion.

Two and a half months in, my tendons below both biceps started to hurt as soon as a little effort was applied. Same goes for the right knee. I've since then been resting and was unable to do any form of exercise without being reminded through the pain.

It has been almost two years now, and I am not yet to fully recover. This situation has forced me to train at a level far below what my mind would even consider working out. My program includes 30-40 minutes walk three times a week and two sessions of kettlebell swings. I have also been forced to add in a yoga session here and there as I tense up almost immediately.

Brand Launch
My work is taking up a larger than usual part of my time as I am currently working hard to launch and validate a new brand in the active social sphere market. It's a geolocation-based platform, and mobile application, that is focused on creating rewarding and lasting relationships between businesses and customers.

The platform could still be considered to be in beta, but is fully functional and available in both AppStore and Google Play. For now, it’s only available for the Spanish market, at least until all processes are in place and performing as expected.

Last update: January 20, 2019