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Shift in mindset. Shift in life.

I live a decent life, I’m loved, have emergency funds, I love life, I feel fortunate and I’m mostly satisfied as is.

However, a shift in mindset has been slowly happening, making me want more out of life and I’m seeing affluence in a different and more positive light.

This marks a new chapter in my life where I’m putting thoughts, impossible dreams, life pursuits, and desired achievements as my main motivation for my foreseeable future, and beyond.

I’ve always had a feeling of accomplishing something great, and even though exactly what still eludes me, there are many things I would like to do and produce that will ultimately be of help to mankind in some manner.

This shift has helped me break old habits and is changing my life professionally as well as personally.

I’ve quit my employment and have shed all the things I came to realize was holding me back. Relationships, old grudges, sense of responsibilities that was doing me more harm than good and even material possessions I no longer use nor need.

Instead, I’m refocusing my energies in accordance with my own will and self-discipline as a means to better myself in all areas of life, do great things, meet amazing and inspiring people and have my wants come through while I and everyone I engage with grow.

Starting with my company Antbrick, where I’m leveraging my 20-year career within IT, chronicling my progress and struggles on this blog, but predominantly on twitter via @danebroderick