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Lucky number 11

Don’t remember my exact age, but over 18. I’ve long forgotten the reason why I enter a local bar in the first place, nor if I had company.

Nevertheless, there I was standing at the only roulette table, waiting to ask how it’s played while observing.

The rules were simple enough.

Pick a number or numbers dead center for highest gains, or cover your bases by spreading your risk on multiple numbers at the same time.

My pockets were light, very light. I was a poor student after all. Is there any other kind?

I could only produce a Swedish 20 crown paper bill, which I immediately exchanged for chips. I didn’t make a bet right away. I thought about what I just learned. Even though I got multiple chips for my twenty, I could have increased my chances by hedging and selecting a few more numbers, but one number stood out.

You guessed it. Eleven!

With the only money I had in the entire world lay before me on the roulette table, I eagerly awaited the final position of the ball.

The joy and excitement I felt as my 20 magically transformed into 500 plus crown was…. well, let’s just say I was really happy.

Did I changed things up and go for a second, or even maybe a third spin?

Hell no!

I took my cash and got the hell out, fast. What did I do with my new found fortune? I don’t remember at all. If I would guess, I would say something delicious to eat and drink, at lease.

Not immediately, but that’s why and how eleven became my lucky number. I haven’t had any more luck with it though, gambling or otherwise. At least nothing I have perceived as luck because of it. But that’s ok.

Instead, I have been putting meaning to it, played around with the number when it suits.

Things like 1 plus 1equals 11, one more than the max on 10 point scale, for extra awesomeness.  A winner… twice, dates and time etc.

In Spanish eleven is “once” I like the interchangeability of the different meanings and the thoughts they invoke.

Oh! Just remembered. My longest relationship ended pretty much in the eleventh year, to the month…

Good luck or not!?

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