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Love The Smell of Coffee

I love the smell of coffee, especially in the morning. It evokes pleasant childhood memories that put a gentle smile on my face.

An integral part of my morning routine growing up was to prepare coffee for the adults. A process involving picking the raw beans from the line of coffee trees separating our house from the adjacent neighbor´s, roasting the beans over a wood fire just out back of the house, and after I’ve had my fill of eating my way thru to a bunch of beans, to finally grinding them up.

All the while I’ve never had any coffee myself. I was satisfied with just the smell of coffee and how it would make me feel, and miss my childhood home on Jamaica. In fact, I only started drinking coffee earlier this year, 2017, as I learned of the many health benefits. 

I remember stooping over the fire blowing so hard to keep the flames going, that I often got dizzy and had to sit down.

I didn’t enjoy the taste at first because I was being served shitty coffee everywhere, even at the fancier places. I like my coffee black without any sweetener, cream etc. added. So I was forced to make my own using the french press and beans of my choosing.

Coffee is now an ingrained cornerstone of my daily routines. I’m still experimenting though, still chasing that perfect cup of coffee, which I believe to be just plain black, full and so deliciously satisfying, that the mindful drinker could stop time and take a step closer to the divine.

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