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Is personal blogging still a thing?

Is confidently blogging solely out of love and passion for oneself a thing of the past, or was that never the case to begin with at all?

You know, people who are actually genuine, emotive, interesting, or not. Persons who aren’t pushing to sell stuff or blogging for likes and comments.

But instead emote on their interest, growth, and thoughts. Beings with an authentic sense of self and a drive to connect with like-minded souls, or maybe just as a means for deeper connection with one’s self.

Ones own sweet little piece of cyberspace that is only yours, where the only niche is you, your person and your will.

It’s no easy task to find confident personalities who stay unfazed and unconcerned by how one’s thoughts may be perceived online, or quick to irritation in the face of disagreements and dislikes.

With the above criteria in mind, searching online for phrases like “personal blogs, personal bloggers etc.  doesn’t yield any satisfying results. It could be that I just suck at searching, personal bloggers don’t optimize for searches, or are simply just satisfied with journaling and don’t feel a need to go beyond.

No matter the reason, I am now asking… Where are all the honest to god genuine peeps who blogs?