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Interesting week

It’s been an eventful and interesting week.

I’ve learned a bit more about myself, to appreciate both people and situations in a different way and to look at things from a fourth perspective.

I made new friends with whom a strong connection was instantly formed. With openness and the absence of any negative thoughts or preconceptions, magic happens.

I have further deepened my bond with some friends and realized there are no longer any bonds with others. Not in the present anyway.

They are all still lovely people of course, but the compounded change between us is too great. They have become more acquaintances, only what you loved most about them and life lessons you picked up remains.

Funny how one can learn from lessons thought years ago.

I really believe we have more answers within than one can ever imagine. Things we pick up, index and catalog during our lives. But stamped with a future date and conditions that need to be met before we and access them, before we are ready to receive. Genetic pass-on even.

An investment opportunity presented itself this week. A very interested one. Once I have all details I will know for sure if its a risk worth taken.

It might be a good investment but it’s in an area where I have very little knowledge and must, therefore, rely on a partner who has extensive experience. He happens to be someone I just got to know this week, before a different opportunity was presented to him, prompting this chance I now have.

A lot of times people makes mistakes, risking way more than they initially realize. They don’t think things through thoroughly (wow that a lot of t’s) and with total disregard, unknowingly, project their problems onto others.

Their problems become yours.

Well, I have inherited a problem this week. One that will restrict, eat up my time and occupy my thoughts. Pushing aside… well me.

It’s something I will have to deal. I do however believe I’m better equipped, compared to just a couple years back, to handle it in a good way without completely losing balance and aggravating or using the person’s mistake as some kind of punishing rod. I’m a bit tempted thought haha.

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