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I have walked this path countless lifetimes before, yet I haven’t

With eyes on the path just a short distance in front of my feet, my thoughts deepened as I slowly make way.

Could it be that we walk the same life path any amount of lifetimes until we have learned, understood or repaired pass mistakes and misdeeds?

Each path, completely new and unique but familiar and encouraging. So much to discover and learn through encounters and the opportunities they present.

It’s impossible to fail but how much I grow is in my hands and how I walk the path.

What does a particular moment have to teach, which questions to ask and from which perspective?

This particular walk has reached its midpoint. I dump the old suitcase in the trash and head back home the same way, and probably with the same amount of steps.

As I enter my apartment, I couldn’t help but wonder what commitment, what part of myself I didn’t manage to master. What’s in any given encounter. What will I miss taking my next step?