Shifting focus for personal growth in quarantine

Limited or suspended resources, fewer choices, and restricted movement forces us to reevaluate our priorities while encouraging us to be creators and leaders, and not just consumers and followers.

The latter qualifies as stagnation in life and void of purpose.

The negative impact the above situations would imprint into our lives are many, but it also gives us opportunities for introspection, right action, and time to reassess our purpose or path in life.

A few of the benefits we may gain from these otherwise unfavorable situations are:

Forced to raise our consciousness above the current situation, and the uncertainty and fear it creates, we shift focus onto the things that truly matter.

Get rid of non-essentials
Things that have attached themselves to us by the seemingly automatic flow that is life, will suddenly lose their shine and instead be revealed for what they are, unnecessary.

Strengthen relationships bonds
We not only get to reevaluate our lives in general, but we also have the opportunity to strengthen relationship bonds.

Relationships are a constellation that needs constant work to maintain and improve. Forced into confinement by circumstance will highlight any effort or lack thereof, put into any relationship.

Some may even discover that their relationship was over long ago.

Learn new skills
The perfect time, and maybe scenario, is created for you to pick up that new skill you have always wanted but never found the time to do.

However, make sure it is in line with your life purpose and goals.

We don’t ask for tough situations to challenge us, but they do present themselves now and then.

However, we do have the opportunity to choose how we respond and what actions to take next.

For the aware, these situations trigger our consciousness to grow beyond our closet circles in life, adding to the increasing global consciousness and maybe into the realm of spirituality.

The power is within us, and as long as there is such a thing as free will, we can emerge from any situation stronger and more determined than ever.