Curriculum Vitae

Here is a general overview of my professional background and experiences


Social and competent leader and technician with experiences in training, change, project, consulting, motivation, digital marketing, and business processes and implementations.

Core experiences from the IT and service sectors as both an employee, business owner, and association activities.

Driving forces

The feeling of success, of being able to learn and develop as a person and of gaining influence to improve my surroundings, both professionally and personally, has, among other things, been expressed in regular distance studies and participation in my tenant-owner association.


Analytical, empathetic, responsive, curious, responsible, aware, thorough, business-minded, goal-oriented, service-minded, humorous, and can organize, structure, and achieve set goals.

My top 5 Strengthsfinder: Empathy, Ideation, Includer, Learner, Adaptability (


To use my diverse knowledge and experiences in active coaching, motivation, economy, personnel work, and in the psychosocial sphere to contribute through qualified tasks to development in line with my personal and professional goals.


I had a consultative role and responsibility for a change management project, commissioned by the company when they discovered a need to streamline IT operations.

I have also further developed working methods for collaboration between departments, information and implementations, and designed proposals for routines and policies and then followed up to secure delivered results were as expected.


I have led and shouldered the responsibility for groups of up to 30 employees, and I believe that a per situation-based leadership usually works best.

However, my positive outlook toward people and my fundamental values have taught me that decisions, whenever possible, should be made in agreement with one´s team or employees.

Doing this without transferring responsibilities or showing any inability to make proper decisions. I also have extensive experience in conflict management and realize the importance of being crystal clear.


To continually enhance my skills and education are vital to both my chosen career and path in life. That is why I am always actively studying.
Currently, I am working on improving my sales and marketing skill.

After a couple of years of auto mechanical engineering education, I studied economics in the United States. Back in Sweden, I studied science, psychology, and then network technology based on Microsofts products.

Ongoing management training such as personal leadership, situational leadership, interview techniques in recruitment, active coaching, labor law, and difficult conversations interspersed with practical application in my daily work, has given me the necessary understanding and tools to lead and motivate my team to produce the desired measurable results.

Marketing & Sales

Experience in conducting market research of a company business concept by interviewing the intended target group, examining potential competitors, and the implementation of resulted strategies.

I have also worked with company profiling and branding and likewise with in-store sales, telephone, and company salesman with complete responsibility for several client accounts.

Work experience

2018 – Marketing & IT consultant, Antbrick Consulting
2016 – Project manager, Vuelo capital group
2009 – IT infrastructure consultant, Connecta AB
2007 – Head of section Business Application Services, Logica CGI
2006 – Key account manager, Datametrix Outsourcing AB
2001 – 2006 Head of section IT support, Datametrix Outsourcing AB
2000 – Support Technician, Datametrix Outsourcing AB
1999 – 2005 Self-employed IT consultant
1998 – Security guard, Securitas
1992 – shop assistant, 7-eleven (USA)

Education and Training

2020 – Professional sales, Shaw academy
2018 – Certified digital marketing, ongoing
2006 – Business Administration Courses, NTI
2005 – ITIL, BiTa
2002 – Management training, company training
1999 – Network technician, vocational training
1998 – IT Coordinator, Nackademin
1997 – Science, psychology, Komvux Nacka
1995 – Business Administration
1994 – Automechanical engineer, Nacka Gymnasium


English – Excellent verbal and written ability
Swedish – Excellent verbal and written ability
Spanish – Good spoken and written ability

Certificates, grades, and references are provided upon request.