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Come to senses

Neither conscious nor unconscious I awoke from stillness by the sense of touch, the first contact with an alien existence.

The first experience recorded, but yet to be learned.

With the sense of smell, hearing, and taste, the pleasant and the unpleasant, new worlds came to be.

Demanding an ever-increasing presence, you have gradually pulled away from the self in favor of mind and matter, the auto-proclaimed keepers at the intersection of the conscious and the unconscious.

Yet to be burdened by thought and mind, I am.

With the sense of sight, and now all but void of self, I am depending on you, mother, father, brother, sister, family, friends, strangers, guides.

“What is” became the ways it’s understood and should be.

Should be:s that are dependant on perspective and in mind separated from “what is” by mere expression filtered trough senses developed by many and ignorantly believing it to be otherwise.

Without memory, identity and purpose not yet illuminated or discovered.

Time, lenient to experience, master of death, slave to wisdom, and the captain of change, bows to the matterless at the intersection of rebirth.

The whole and the divided. The dived and the whole. The one. The same.

Traversing the tides of thoughts past. Thoughts realized on foundations built to merit ego…

Questions arise:

Who am I?
What control, if any, do I have?
Does my life have a purpose?
Is there a beginning and an end, or just the next step?

Birthed by blooming questions and burgeoning awareness, a journey is identified, and a quest has begun.

Having come to senses…

rewake with the sense of touch.

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