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Dealing with change

Change is omnipresent, and just as with time, it’s impartial to your will and circumstance.

Even that which is normally perceived as static cannot escape the hands of change.

This blog post for example. Read it again tomorrow, next week or later and your understanding, your view of it, it’s author or your opinion of a past experience may be seen differently altogether. Changed.

The content itself haven’t changed at all, but you have, and so by extension the contents of the blog post and whatever you may you gained from it.

Not to mention your brains neural pathways as they respond to what has been learned.

Having established that change doesn’t need permission from anyone or anything and that it cannot be stopped or handled, how do we deal with it, must we?

Well, not really. One simply need to accept the above fact. Change is happening everywhere with everyone and everything all the time.

Our role in this context must, therefore, be to walk the balance that is life, to know oneself and confidently choose which action or actions to take.

All the while remembering nothing lasts forever…