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Neither conscious nor unconscious I awoke from stillness by the sense of touch, the first contact with an alien existence.

The first experience recorded, but yet to be learned.

With the sense of smell, hearing, and taste, the pleasant and the unpleasant, new worlds came to be.

Demanding an ever-increasing presence, you have gradually pulled away from the self in favor of mind and matter, the auto-proclaimed keepers at the intersection of the conscious and the unconscious.

Yet to be burdened by thought and mind, I am.

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Today is not like any other before it.‬ It is entirely new, and it is currently being written. ‬‪

The single most important thing anyone can do is to deliberately grab a functioning pen and write with intention and purpose. ‬‪

The pen is mightier than the sword indeed, but the sword is more powerful than you…

if you let it.

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Suppressed by naïveté, discouraged by lack of self-worth and deflated by those entrusted with doing the opposite.

They are brief in existence and plentiful as thoughts.

The journey of an idea from conception to fruition is a perilous one. Only a fraction sustain long enough to be acknowledged for what they are.

A smaller number still, invested in but without the backing of resolve.

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You are my most trustworthy companion, the guardian of my deep unfiltered thoughts and always warmly accepting.

I have no good reason for my absence and for not sharing my all with you as of late.

You are however always with me, literally and in thought.

The perfectionist in me details non-required insufficiencies qualifying action at the conception of thought and remembrance.

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With head and eyes below the horizon, he steps on a subway train in rush hour Metropolitan Zeta, just has he have many mornings before.

As he entered, lifted his head and made an instinctively slow three-sixty panoramic view of the subway cart, he immediately realized this morning is far from the usual…

He was completely surrounded by what could be best described as domesticated zombies.

Lifeless remnants of what once were people.

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Fly to the end of time and show yourself.

That what which came into existence at one point will also cease to exist at another.

Not even our universe can escape the birth-death cycle.

Could man one day himself, and in doing so saving the universe from the inevitable?

The hunt for eternal life has been around since we became thinking beings.

Back then we sought relics, and mystical brews that the users believed would grant him immortality.

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