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As a cycle ends. As a cycle begins.

I awake to consciousness. I awake to an existence from which I desire to evolve, to step into my potential.

As present realities slip into yesterday’s, leaving not only remembrances of wants unmet, maturity through experience, lessons learned and insights into one’s own heart and mind gained.

Once closed, now open to love.

Curious about life I leap, not alone, towards something greater, towards the coming present realities of tomorrow, which I myself create.

Aware of time’s selfish nature, each moment cherished, each choice deliberate, each step light yet firmly grounded.

All things end. All things begin.

With each step, a rebirth, fueled by the previous. I will not wait, I will not postpone. I end as I begin, manifesting my thoughts, shaping my reality.

Now light of ego’s grip of wants, and wiser from experiences passed, I enter the new smiling and with cup emptied as one cycle ends, a cycle begins.

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