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An open WhatsApp response to my brother

First off, I sincerely want to express the heartfelt importance with which I received and read your message.

I want to equally express gratitude and appreciation for the talk on the phone that precipitated your loving message.

There was never any doubt of our bond, or love as a family, but as a family, we also knew each other inside and out. What would set one sibling off and what could exile the other.

Our connection has always been so strong that words were never needed as enforcement or encouragement towards that end, at least I believe that’s what we thought then.

The lack of communication and the absence of maturity in combination with our insecurities left little room for tolerance and understanding.

This caused me to alienate myself in an attempt to escape the bothersome and to trek an unknown path without a compass.

I feel you have been through similar struggles and hardships alone through life and I am sorry you older brother mature enough to see beyond his own immediate needs and be there when you needed it the most.

Stubbornness and my own shortcomings played its part in keeping us at odds with each other. The situation, and feelings of inadequacy that prevailed for a decade left a stain in my soul that never could completely be removed on its own. Not until yesterday´s phone call.

Something about our talk was magical and restorative. We are now both older and hopefully has the wisdom that comes with our age, and the humbleness to move forward the way life was intended to be lived.

Brother, I love you. Always have. Always will.