Bucket list – for my spiritual growth and eternal happiness

Before the notion of bucket lists entered my radar, I had no conscious thoughts of what to accomplish or experience before I pass on – to whatever lies beyond our 3D perceptions.

Five or so years ago, my bucket list contained a long list encompassing all possible categories of all the exciting things that might enrich my humble life.

Things like island hopping in the Caribbean, performing 100 consecutive push-ups, and setting foot on another planet.

Today, my list is short and sweet and only contains the experiences and results I desire in line with my personal growth:

  • Become a stuntman (go to stunt school)
    My wife recently reminded me of my childhood dream of becoming a stuntman – and found schools in Europe and the United States. I lit up and was overjoyed. Why didn’t I think of this before? – I thought to myself.
  • Enlightenment
    Looking back, I realized I had a desire for enlightenment long before I knew the concept. If not this life, then the next.
  • Marry my wife 11 times.
    I have ten more times to go. The reasoning here is strictly a spiritual one.
  • Write and publish a book.
    I have many good story ideas suitable for the fiction genre. Some are already outlined and are just waiting for my time.
  • Be impeccable.
    What I mean here is to communicate impeccably: I have learned that truths become distorted when interacted with – no exception.
  • Be of service, intuitively.
    Start and run a spiritual practice.