About Dane Broderick

Hello friends!

You have entered the online space and personal blog of Dane Broderick.

But not just any blog, this is a splog, a spiritual blog, and a vessel of infinite possibilities where realities are perceived, experienced and transcended.

Fueled by an equanimous heart, intuitive guidance, and spiritual curiosity, Dane braves on a journey beyond thought and self, into the core of what is.

His mission? To index, integrate, evolve, to share his thoughts, interests, and reflections as he learns and grows in awareness.

One thing that saddens Dane deeply is that loves full potential is not being sought or considered a high priority in life.

He wants to understand what love truly is and to learn how to give and receive love unconditionally and with compassion.

His childhood dream was to be a stuntman, but faith had him on different paths, one of early parenthood and one of conscious spiritual growth.

62 things about Dane

  1. Height: 196cm
  2. Blood type: A+
  3. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  4. From: Jamaica > Sweden > Spain
  5. Is: Introvert, vegetarian
  6. Likes: Homemade food, sci-fi, exploration
  7. Kids: Three sons
  8. He moved to Sweden at the age of 10.
  9. He practices Vipassana meditation.
  10. He has two younger sisters and a brother.
  11. His father lives in Los Angeles, California.
  12. His mother passed in 2011. RIP!
  13. Dane rarely eats out.
  14. He loves swimming in the rain.
  15. He is a trained auto mechanic but never worked as one.
  16. He practices Zhineng Qigong.
  17. He is a level 2 Reiki practitioner.
  18. Farscape is his all-time favorite sci-fi show.
  19. He tried Ayahuasca and Bufo during a therapeutic retreat.
  20. Dane does not drink alcohol.
  21. He had shoulder-length hair in my twenties. Now he has none.
  22. He broke his right lower leg in July 1998 while playing soccer.
  23. It resulted in a compartment syndrome.
  24. He worked as a nightclub bouncer.
  25. One of the first questions people ask Dane is, do you play basketball?
  26. Dane has never played basketball.
  27. His top 5 strengths are: (source StrenthsFinder.com)
    1. empathy
    2. ideation
    3. includer
    4. learner
    5. adaptability
  28. Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series is the best he has read.
  29. Had a US green card
  30. Dane has never been to Asia. He wants to.
  31. He was a decent oboe and a contrabass player.
  32. Worked the night shift in a 7-eleven in California
  33. He was robbed twice at gunpoint, allegedly. Dane never actually saw the guns.
  34. Started his first consulting firm in 1998
  35. Dane loves summer evenings and summer nights.
  36. He has way too many email account and he is not sure why.
  37. He is a minimalist
  38. He likes to cook.
  39. He is gluten intolerant.
  40. His first car was a 1986 Nissan Micra. Think it was red
  41. Dane has so far owned ten cars and two motorcycles.
  42. Dane avoids negative people like the plague.
  43. His lucky number is 11.
  44. Dane believes there is life elsewhere in the universe.
  45. Dane believes that decisions should fact-based as well as on feelings. To what degree, the situation must determine.
  46. He used to be a moody person.
  47. He lost 10 kilos running in the summer of 2016. He wants them back
  48. The only song I like by Eminem is Stan (feat. Dido)
  49. Dane loves to write.
  50. At the top of his bucket list is to set foot on another planet.
  51. He wanted to join the Mars One project.
  52. Dane never reads his diary.
  53. I enjoy alone time, maybe a little too much.
  54. I don’t have a favorite color.
  55. The 80’s comedy “Three Amigos” still cracks me up.
  56. If Dane were an IKEA furniture, he would probably be a billy bookcase.
  57. Dane cannot stand fake and false people.
  58. He began drinking coffee in 2017
  59. His first ever crush had a boyfriend and never noticed him.
  60. They are still together today 30 plus years later.
  61. The parents of his second crush were racists. That relationship didn’t last long, and he regrets how it ended.
  62. Dane is quick to get rid of things he no longer uses.