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A view on life from a perspective of change

Life is of little to no consequence when viewed from any other perspective than specifically from within oneself and with awareness.

As I sit in an environment unsuitable for any kinds of creative endeavor, or profound thoughts, I find myself wondering about life, my relationship with it and what it specifically means to me.

Life is interesting to me because its driven be change. Changes I, and I alone, realize. No change happens in one’s life without the first conscious realization of it, no matter from where or how it originated.

Life is a series of canvasses which are either blank or already outlined to various degrees, where you, with or without, awareness is the artist. Everything on canvas, pass, present, and future, you and you alone have created, still creating.

We are always being influenced by other artists, by choice or otherwise, but they cannot alter our canvasses. Not even with your explicit permission.

A canvas represents anything from a short moment, a situation, to where you are currently at, and any number of possible headings. They are pieces of your life puzzle the way you are creating it.

To improve as an artist, as with anything needing improvement, you need to map your current whereabouts, know where you are headed and adjust accordingly.

Life as a whole is no exception. Life doesn’t just happen. It happens unconsciously and aimlessly in the absence of awareness, but it’s still you who are making the choices.

To set a heading, always begin with now, this very moment. Nothing else exists. Change is continuous, which means “now” is all that exists and ever will. That is the very nature of life.

This realization forces the conscious to stop and think about one’s own life, what she wants of it and what legacy to leave behind.

A current canvas of life

About the sketch

The sketch in this post, if you could call it that, is of one of my life canvasses as I currently see the happenings, then and now, and what feelings and view that are mostly present.

I could attempt to explain it, but that wouldn´t add any additional value to what I hope this post already has.

Its suffice to say that I started to sketch with a particular intention but finished it almost entirely on a subconscious level. It was not until I was finished that I understood its significance. It perfectly summarises my most important lessons and experiences which helped me to realize a few truths about myself.

I have not done this sort of self-assessment before, but hope to make it a ritualistic habit as I’m more of a visual learner.

In summary

No change happens in one’s life without the first conscious realization of it, no matter from where or how it originated.

Change is always taking place. Change doesn’t need your acknowledgment.

The subconscious helps you adapt to these changes, but it’s not making the right choices for you, not always, not even close. To actively choose awareness, every day, is the key a happier and more enlightened you.

and that’s all I have to say about that… Well, maybe not 😉

How often do you stop to think about life, and how you might create a better one for yourself?