100 things

  1. My birthday is November 5th
  2. I’m from Jamaica
  3. Moved to Sweden when I was 10..
  4. it was on a Friday. Started school that Monday. Scary!
  5. Started in third year class instead of forth because I couldn’t speak Swedish
  6. Had teacher for Swedish and two for English in addition to my regular class
  7. Thats when I found out snow actually existed
  8. I live in Marbella, Spain
  9. I have three sons
  10. I’m a weekend and holiday dad
  11. I have two younger sisters and a brother
  12. I’m only on good terms with one sibling
  13. My dad lives in Los Angeles, California
  14. My mom passed in 2011. RIP!
  15. I’m a vegetarian
  16. I almost never eat out
  17. I love swimming in the rain
  18. I’m a trained auto mechanic
  19. I practice Zhineng Qigong, almost daily
  20. Started to practice Hatha yoga may 2017. I love it
  21. Farscape is my all-time favorite sci-fi show
  22. Tried Ayahuasca and Bufo
  23. White wine and champagne makes me bloated
  24. I had shoulder length hair in my twenties
  25. Broke my right lower leg July 1998 playing soccer
  26. it resulted in a compartment syndrome
  27. I have worked as a night club bouncer before the ac
  28. One of the first questions people ask me is “Do you play basketball?”
  29. I have never played basketball
  30. Never been married
  31. My top 5 strengthsfinder: Empathy, Ideation, Includer, Learner,
  32. Adaptability
  33. Don’t like to be the center of attention
  34. I love the science fiction genre
  35. Have a sci-fi book idea I plan du develop and publish
  36. Isaac Asimov’s foundation series are the best i have read
  37. Had a US green card
  38. Never been to Asia. Want to.
  39. I’ve only been proper drunk twice
  40. Have played oboe and contra base
  41. Worked the night shift in a 7-eleven in California
  42. Was robbed twice at gunpoint, allegedly. Never actually saw the guns
  43. My first job in the ninth grade, McDonalds
  44. My second job, a clerk in a electronics store
  45. My third, a postman
  46. Had my out IT consulting firm 1998-2
  47. Failed my first practical drivers exam
  48. I have trained Krav Maga,
  49. and boxing
  50. Still have the highest possible golf handicap
  51. I loooove summer evenings/ nights
  52. I have way too many email account. Not sure why
  53. I am slowly, but surely becoming a minimalist
  54. I like to cook
  55. I’m gluten intolerant
  56. My first car was a 1986 Nissan micra. Think it was white
  57. I have owned eight cars and two motorcycles
  58. Love to play video games, but don’t. If i do, nothing else exist until im done,
  59. however long it takes
  60. Its the same with everything i’m interested in
  61. I’m interested in a lot things
  62. I avoid negative people like the plague
  63. My lucky number is eleven
  64. Wouldn’t say i’m a Buddhist, but i’m into Buddism
  65. I believe there is life elsewhere in the universe
  66. I think decisions should be based on facts and feelings. To what degree, the
  67. situation can determine
  68. I have 29 plants at home
  69. They all have nicknames
  70. I had Facebook, twice
  71. Invested in Bitcoins april 2017
  72. I like all kinds of music..
  73. My choice of music varies after my moods and activities
  74. and I am moody person
  75. Lost 10 kilos running summer 2016. I want them back
  76. The only song i really like by Eminem is “Stan” (feat. Dido)
  77. I Love to write
  78. I’m passionate about health
  79. I want to live forever
  80. Top of my bucketlist is to set foot on another planet
  81. Trying to go all digital with iPad pro and pencil, but pen and paper is still
  82. king
  83. Wanted to join the Mars One project
  84. I’ve journaled for 16+ years
  85. I’ve never re-read my dairies
  86. I really enjoy alone time, maybe too much even, if there is such a thing
  87. The 80’s comedy “Three amigos” still cracks me up
  88. If I was a IKEA furniture I would probably be a billy bookcase
  89. Can’t stand fake and false people
  90. Had a dog i had to give away because my kids were allergic
  91. Her name was Enya and I miss her very much
  92. I began drinking coffee in 2017
  93. I’m the IT guy at a Swedish owned firm with a few subsidiaries
  94. My first ever crush had a boyfriend and never noticed me
  95. They are still together today 30 plus years later
  96. The parents of my second crush were racists
  97. That relationship didn’t last long
  98. I regret how it ended though
  99. I’m quick to get rid of things I no longer use
  100. I’m happy

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