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‪Once I thought I needed more tim‬e, now I know I don’t

I’ve since realized that it’s not about having or not having enough time. I’ve also learned that I just needed to slow down and go at my own pace, and in so doing I’ve actually gain extra time.

This had me believing that everyone has their own pace that’s in perfect sync with time. A way to get the most out of every moment, event and every second. And in doing so finds themselves in harmony and in good health.

Discovering your perfect pace with time isn’t easy, nor is realizing your need for it. But once this thought enters into your consciousness, you begin to finds your ways that eventually leads to the how.

Although I have come to the realization of my own necessary pace with time, which is much slower than the usual demands of my surroundings, I still have a great deal of work ahead of me.

Conscious work with practically all I set out to engage with, internally as well as externally, needs to be inline and in sync with my own rhythm for me to function optimally.