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Half my age ago, I was approached by the producers of the Swedish Big Brother TV show as they were recruiting for the first show.

Not knowing what pre-qualifications had already taken place, and cleared, the pitch was made.

Not really interested, I agree to an interview the following day.

Before moving on, I got to say that I wasn’t sought out nor was I on any list that would direct these people to me.

I just happen to be the competent, cheerful and super handsome IT guy 😉 outsourced to the production company with the goal of keeping the users happy.

Anyway, a series of questions were fired my way during the interview after a few formalities were out of the way.

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It is said that they are people who have no soul, normal people like you and me existing, unaware that a central part of their being is missing.

Could they have been born this way, without a soul, or was it lost for some reason?

Every time a tree dies, a bush shrivels, a plant picked, a soul is destroyed.

A soul is part Gaia, part cosmos and of one hundred procent wondrous energies that binds to ones faith.

We are all flawed, we are all perfect.

Destined seeds of Gaia no longer part of the whole, without purpose. Souls of different energies and vibrations, with and without their own bodies are all around us. Some ‘better’ than others, some toxic and devastating.

What kills one, helps another thrive. Each time we think ourselves superior, a bond is severed, vibration lowered, resonance lost and we slowly accelerate towards our demise.

You are always in a delicate situation or mood. In fact, you’re drenched.

Hints eludes, sentences interrupted.

You are closed and expressively harsh, as I once was. Have you stopped caring, not realizing it’s your strength?

How can anyone mind with reason when even an ear and understanding is not enough?

Of all the roads normally open to your heart, to your person, only one is ajar but not enough me to enter, nor for you to see why not.

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The world we live in is all kinds of messed up. Yet there is the talk of it being safer today than at any other point in history.

A statement, and or fact, that gives some sense of progress towards peace and unity.

And if we still hadn’t any means of rapid communication that we do today, the internet, then maybe we could continue to live in ignorance.

But obviously, at least for some, that’s far from enough. The world has always been driven by those thirsty for power and recognition, the very thing that corrupts and dulls empathy for the fellow man.

One’s sense of family and unity applies only to immediate close ones, as long as they acknowledge and respect the reigning hierarchy. [From a family constalation to India’s caste system for example]

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