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The purpose of existence is you.

The purpose of existence is a balance between what you give and of that you take.

The purpose of existence is meaningful relationships without attachment.

Bonds formed from sincerity, an open heart, and mind, free from judgment and without expectations of gain.

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I awake to consciousness. I awake to an existence from which I desire to evolve, to step into my potential.

As present realities slip into yesterday’s, leaving not only remembrances of wants unmet, maturity through experience, lessons learned and insights into one’s own heart and mind gained.

Once closed, now open to love.

Curious about life I leap, not alone, towards something greater, towards the coming present realities of tomorrow, which I myself create.

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“My love for writing is love onto myself. It calms my mind, soothes my soul, finds me when I’m lost”

The ideas in my head take root and blossoms through words but are not satisfied until they are resting on paper to be enjoyed.

Sometimes I simply cannot help but write, even when I have nothing to write about. I just can’t stop myself.

The feel of pen to paper, the matching speed of writing to that of one’s train of thoughts.

From the feeling in your hand to the trails remaining on the page.

Testing of a pen to paper is an important one. It tells much about the holder and paper alike.

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I am Standing in your favorite spot at the bar table looking at what you might be seeing if you were here.

I see myself simultaneously watching you from behind, wondering what is going through your mind if nothing but a brain yarn.

Was it something I said, or maybe didn’t say, but should have?
Are you looking at the tops of trees in ways new to you?

Whichever it may be, I can tell its soothing, a needed reset of sorts before reentering your current now.

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Some life moments, induced by stress, overtake, multiply and spill over into all areas of one’s life, affecting us in ways we are always late to realize.

You find yourself more often in delicate situations. Hints elude, sentences interrupted, you are closed and expressively harsh. You almost stopped caring. forgetting your strengths.

How can anyone reach a stubborn mind with reason alone, when an ear and being understanding is not enough?

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